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PDF Splitter

pdf file splitterWondershare PDF Splitter is an ideal application to help users to cut/split multi-page PDF files into small ones to read with ease. With PDF File Splitter, you can split by every n pages, split your PDF files by bookmark, split by page range, split specific pages from one PDF file to generate multiple PDF files at one time, you are also available to split the whole PDF files averagely with equal page numbers.

PDF Splitter can provide you with perfect output quality and amazing speed. So why are you waiting? Go for this wonderful PDF Splitter right now!

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Key Features of PDF Splitter

split pdf files Split password-protected PDF file in seconds
- For the owner-password-protected PDF files, PDF Splitter can remove the password and split it directly.
- For the user-password-protected PDF files, you need to type in the password, and then PDF Splitter can remove the password and split it for you.

Multiple splitting modes are available
- Cut PDF by page(s): PDF File Splitter can assist you to split your PDF file by every n page(s) as needed.
- Split PDF by bookmark: This PDF Splitter allows you to split PDF by bookmark through choosing the split level and defining the settings.
- Split by page range. This split way enables you to combine any PDF page(s) you want into a new PDF by letting you input the page number or page range. Plus, you can choose the option to generate the rest pages into another PDF file.
- Split by specific page ranges to multiple PDF files. With this professional PDF Splitter, you can easily get different PDF files extracted from the same source PDF. You can add up numerous copies of the multi-page PDF file to customize the specific page ranges separately.

user-friendly pdf file splitter User-friendly interface
PDF Splitter possesses an intuitive interface, which can make the operation so easy.

Support any language PDF files
PDF Splitter supports multi-language PDF, including English, Turkish, Thai, Latin, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.

PDF File Splitter Screenshot

split pdf files

PDF Merger System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista/2003 32bit
Minimum Hardware Requirements: 500 MHz processor, 256 MB Memory, 15 MB hard disk space

Sounds Wonderful?

So don't hesitate, go ahead to split PDF files with PDF file splitter right now!

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