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3 Ways of Converting PDF to Word Mac

pdf to word macNowadays, iMac is more and more widely applied in study and work, not only in entertainment. Consequently, the demand for applications designed for Mac users is increasing. However, the amount of applications for Mac is relatively small compared with that for Windows. For instance, it's easy to convert PDF to Word in Windows, but somewhat hard in Mac OS. Here we provide Mac users with 3 ways to convert PDF to Word Mac.

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PDF to Word Mac: Online Software

Mac users can make use of online software. Taking zamzar.com for example, you just need to upload your PDF files and type in your email, then click convert and get a cup of coffee. After conversion, you would receive word document as an attachment in your email. However, considering its security, people may not choose this way to save PDF to Word Mac, because some PDF files need to convert are confidential. It would be not safe if you upload them online. Another problem is that only one PDF file can be converted at a time. It would be a time-consuming job if you had many files to handle.

pdf to word mac with online software

Pros: standalone of any operating OS
Cons: low efficiency and unsafe

PDF to Word Mac: PDF to Word Converter Mac

It would be a direct and appropriate way to convert PDF to Word Mac using PDF to Word Converter Mac. You just need to follow the steps like how to convert PDF to Excel Mac and the work would be done in seconds. The application allows you to convert files as well as pages of a file at a time.

pdf to word mac conversion downloads

Pros: high efficiency and accuracy; good security-you can find it on PDF to Word Mac on Apple Downloads.
Cons: not free but would be cost-effective.

PDF to Word Mac: Adobe Acrobat

Mac users can easily save PDF as Word on Mac if they have installed Adobe Acrobat previously. It is just like breaking a butterfly on the wheel. Add your PDF file in Acrobat and then directly convert PDF to Word Mac. The problem is that the app is designed for editing. If you have many files which need to be saved as Word, it would be still a tedious job. And some elements like graphics could not be re-edited.

pdf to word mac with adobe

Pros: fast and accurate
Cons: too expensive and not cost-effective.

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