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Create PDF on Cellphone

Would you like to create PDF files on mobile phone wherever you go? If so, congratulations that you are in the right place now! This article we analyze the reason why we need to make PDF document on cellphone for you and introduce an easy-to-use application to create your own PDF files on the go. Please go on reading and get what you need.

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Why We Need to Create PDF on Mobile Phone?

PDF is common ebook file format we often have to use and it is generally created by the professional software on the computer. But for the PDF users who often go out of office, it's not so convenient to make PDF files on hard drive.

For example, when you go out for traveling and use your camera to take some beautiful pictures. If you want to share these photos with your friends, you may need editing the images and converting them to PDF, then sending them through email. In this situation, a PDF Creator for cellphone can give you a lot of help. Fortunately, with smart phones on the renewal, mobile phone software PDF Creator Ultimate (blackberry market download) appears and keeps the PDF files creating on cell phone into reality.

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How to Create PDF Files on Cellphone?

Next we will introduce the PDF Creator Ultimate to you and tell you how to use it to make PDF on mobile phone. Having got it, to create PDF with strong professional appearance, you don't need to scan document with office scanners, only use your Android is OK. Now let's see how it works on making PDF file on cellphone.

Step 1: Input Name
After downloading the PDF Creator Ultimate, install and run it on your Android mobile phone. Then select "Add New" button on the main interface and input the name of the new PDF file you want to create.

Step 2: Add Images
Click Save button and go to the adding interface. In this step, you can load images from two sources, through the camera or directly from the gallery to take figures.

Step 3: Edit Images
After adding the pictures, all pictures will be displayed in editing interface, then you can edit pictures according to your need. There are only two editing functions on this applications, changing order and adjusting external form.

Step 4: Save PDF
When the editing finished, you can press the "Save/Send" button in the editing interface, and choose to directly send through the E-mail or store it on your mobile phone in the prompted box. So far, creating PDF on cellphone is finished!

Note: Shortcomings of PDF Creator Ultimate for Cellphone
Here we have to say something not so good about this PDF editing software for mobile phone. The functions is too simple, especially for the pictures' editing, even lack of the basic size adjusting and shearing. Besides, you can not preview the created PDF file directly with it. If you want to read the PDF you make, you have to download another PDF Reader to do that.

In conclusion, this application is a new software to help users create PDF on cellphone and it has great upgrading possibility. We can look forward to it and see what it can bring to us in the future. At the same time, we will use the best PDF Creator to make the professional PDF files on the computer freely. Have fun!

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